Review Disclaimer

Since I've been doing a lot more reviews lately, I wanted to be sure to clarify my stance and policies. Remember, I am not an expert on anything, just a fellow adult dancer.
  1. Neither I nor this blog receive payment or other compensation for the review of any products, nor for the associated advertising that comes with a product review.
  2. All products are purchased in full by me personally, with my own hard-earned cash.
  3. I do not receive or review any free products (nor do I plan on doing so). 
  4. If I did not pay full retail price on a product being reviewed (i.e. a sale, a trade, etc.) I will explicitly state so in the review.
  5. Neither I or this blog accept any liability from the purchase of any product reviewed on this blog. Buy at your own risk!
If you have suggestions or ideas for items I should review, send me a note and I'll check it out. I do not guarantee I'll buy it and review it, however.

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