About Me

I am a 30-something that has recently returned to the world of dance after a long hiatus.  I was inspired to start blogging about my experiences because I'm a fan of the lovely Adult Beginner and Remedial Ballerina, who chronicle their own adventures as dancers.
My Dance Training

I originally began my ballet training at the age of 5 at a ballet-only dance school.  We were not taught in a specific school or syllabus of ballet (e.g. Royal Academy,Vaganova, Cecchetti), but rather a mixture of all of them.

I originally started pointe at the age 10, after my school was temporarily bought by a larger ballet company in town (they only ran the studio for a couple of years before my original teacher/director returned).  I continued training at the same school until I went off to college at age 18.  As I had never wanted to be a professional dancer (I saw it as too competitive and was very shy), I didn't dance at college (except on weekends/during the summers when I was able to take classes at my old school).

I moved to a new state after graduating, and only danced occasionally at a less ballet-centric school that had a wide variety of dance types/classes available. I stuck mostly to ballet, but did start to learn tap as well. When I hit my late 20s, my work schedule got too hectic, so dance got put on hold.  Unfortunately, I ended up getting two knee injuries at work (one of which required surgery), which set back any plans I had to return to dance.

Luckily, I recovered from those injuries, and my job adjusted my position to something more reasonable, and I was able to consider dancing again!  After a 6 year break, I started taking classes again in the summer of 2013 at a more ballet-centric school.  After participating in their winter show, I was encouraged to begin taking jazz classes as well and have fallen in love with them.

I currently take intermediate/advanced level ballet classes, intermediate jazz classes, and sometimes open level tap classes.  I originally restarted pointe in January of 2014, and had a very hard time finding the right shoe (more on that here).

Currently (as of 8/13/2017) I am still recovering from surgery for posterior impingement and a lateral ligament reconstruction. You can read ALL the crazy posts about the Ankle of Doom here.

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