Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Very Overdue Update

I'm not even sure where to begin; a lot has happened.  I suppose I should just start where I left off, back in OCTOBER.

Saw AnkleDoctor. He agreed with the nurse's recommendation that I needed surgery, only he thought my problem was the FHL (remember my good 'ole FHL?), some instability, and likely some damage to the cartilage in my ankle joint. This was a happier prognosis than what I expected (believe it or not), because the nurse had originally talked about deepening the peroneal groove in my bone and stuff, eep!

So I had surgery at the end of November 2016. They ended up doing a lot more than I expected (and I have more "holes" in my ankle than I thought I would!):

One side of scars--not too bad looking these days!
  1. Checked my ankle joint for cartilage injuries and found two. To fix, they created little “potholes” and dug out the bad cartilage. Apparently the bone marrow fills back in over time (like tar), but limits my releve-type activities for four months.
  2. Checked my FHL & peroneal tendons for badness. Both were “pristine.” *hair toss*
  3. Tightened two of my lateral (outside) ligaments to improve stability. This involved detaching them from my bone, attaching a tiny metal anchor to the bone, and reattaching them to the anchor? I’m fuzzy on this part, but apparently am very slightly bionic now! 
  4. Shaved off piece of my talus (one of the ankle bones) that was potentially causing the posterior “pinch” that has been the root of my problems this whole time. 
  5. Cleaned out tons of scar tissue. Whew! 
Since early December, I've been PT-ing like a crazy lady and am due to start taking barre again this week (yay!) It has been very slow but steady progression, but the doctor did warn me I'd be stiff for awhile. Class-wise, I'll only be doing some barre to start out (just what's not painful, so maybe not even ALL of barre), then slowly and surely add all of barre, center, petite allegro, grand allegro, and maybe even pointe eventually!

Hopefully will update more now that I'll be back in action.

...and maybe one day my point will match again!

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