Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Our Christmas show is over, and as always it's a little bittersweet. I have such fun making new friends in the cast each year, and bonding over choreography troubles.

Blurry stage light picture. Those suckers get HOT!
I do have some happy news on the injury front--I was finally able to see a PT with a background in dance medicine, and met her the week before the show. She showed me how to properly KT tape my leg, and gave me other exercises to add to my repertoire. I was also given instructions on how to ease back into full classes properly (floor barre, then regular barre, then barre AND center, then pointe, then finally jumping again). First order of business: REST for at least a week (no releves!) Weirdly easier said than done for me! I have a tendency to dance around my house more than I thought...

We don't have floor barre at our studio, so I've been investigating methods to do at home. That in itself was a little overwhelming, but I settled on the one that not only appealed to me, but was cheapest and easiest to get my hands on: Maria Fay's floor barre book. I'll report back once I've gotten to try it out a bit.

Speaking of jumping and my studio, we have been wanting to change locations, and I hope they do, because at our current place we do not have sprung floors, which EVERYONE has been telling me is a factor in my problems (which I suspected). Please cross your fingers that we can find a nice, new location and can put in some nice floors soon!

Since I'll probably have no more dance news before the new year, happy holidays to everyone out there! Here's hoping you get nice and rested for the upcoming year :)