Sunday, September 13, 2015

Just the usual

Things have been crazy busy, so I've been a blogging slacker.


I started doing my own strength training circuit at home through August, and was pretty good about sticking with it. I did both arm and legs exercises every other day throughout the month and definitely saw and felt some improvement. Now I just have to keep up with it because I've been a slacker so far into September. No surprises there, really.

My stupid ankle is bothering me again, so now I'm seeing a PT (who is a former dancer, yay!) To the shock of no one, she told me that I have tight calves. What was surprising was that I have weak calves (for a dancer), and likely some muscle imbalance. We'll be working on that, and also checking my pelvis for any other imbalances. My first homework assignment is to stretch my poor calves every day (especially after class). Good times.

The Pointe Shoe Saga also continues, because I dislike the Airess. I have two major problems with them:

  1. I can't seem to pad them comfortably*, and 
  2. I feel like I can't get up in them properly, which has never, ever, happened to me in the history of pointe shoes.
I don't know if its the weirdly rounded platform, that the vamp is too long for my short toes, or what. Oh well. I can't exactly do a lot of pointe right now anyway, so I'm not too worried about it for the moment. (*Side note: apparently other folks with the Airess have had problems with the platform going soft too quickly, or cracking, which might be why I feel like my big toe is never comfortable).

Capezio claims that this roundness helps you get up onto pointe, but I'm not so sure.
Planning for our winter show will be starting soon, and I'm in charge of the babies this year because I'm their teacher. I'm a little nervous about choreographing (again), but as long as they're cute (which they are by default), everything will be fine.