Saturday, June 20, 2015

Post-Recital Relaxation Time

Our summer show was last night, and I finally feel like I can relax. The whole week was stressful, what with fretting over the little ones and getting ready myself (and trying to remember all my choreography). Luckily, things seemed to go pretty well for the bitties.  Me, however? Ugh.

I messed up little things in both tap numbers I was in, though both jazz numbers went well. We had two pointe pieces, one more modern in flavor, and one classical (a variation from La Bayadère). The modern piece went super well, but the classical piece? My strong suit? I totally botched it.

There was one pirouette section in particular that I've always had a little trouble with because I don't get my weight forward enough, and last night I lost my balance a bit and had to fake the last turn. Ugh. I also messed up the beginning entrance, and a bit at the end I've never had trouble with before. I'm annoyed with myself because the last few times we did it in rehearsal it was actually going really well.

We also had another fun modern (but flat) ballet number, and a re-do of a favorite piece from last year styled after The Wizard of Oz. That number is totally fun and went off perfectly, so it was a great ending to the show.

Gee, I wonder which character I was? *wink*

We now have a couple weeks off before the summer session. I definitely feel like I need a little break, so it should be nice. I can't stay away from dance for too long, though, so I'll probably rest up completely for a week, then start doing barre again at home. I also have new pointe shoes to break in (more on that later), and I want to come up with some fun things for the little ones to do. Maybe "break" was the wrong word....